Dorset Diary

The weekend has sped by! I spent it in a little village called Portesham in Dorset County. It was beautiful! Thatched rooves, windy, little streets and so close to the beach! And the weather was spectacular too! (Except for one day).

It was great to be back in the country side and near the beach. At home in NZ all I have to do is look out my kitchen window and see the sea, so while i’ve been living in London all I’ve been able to  see is backyards and red buses which means  I’ve really missed the ocean!

On Saturday we went to Weymouth and wandered around the town centre. It was super cold and drizzling with rain so it wasn’t to pleasant to be outside but the town seems as if it would be beautiful in summer! I love the lanes and the beach front, it was a lot more relaxing than the hustle and bustle of London. I also had my first luxury hot chocolate, and oh boy oh boy it was spectacular! I want one every day! Im easily pleased!


On Sunday we drove from Portesham to a town called West Bay, now if you’ve watched Broadchurch then you probably already know that West Bay is where the TV series is set. I loved Broadchurch and binge watched it in about 2days! So being in West Bay felt like I was in a film set. The Jurassic Coast is even more spectacular when you see it in real life! We climbed to the top of the cliff as you can see in the photos and then we walked through the village and along the pier, it was great! If you love Broadchurch or spectacular coastlines then I highly recommend a visit!

After a chicken sandwhich and onion dip (I am addicted to Onion Dip, I think if you can count it as a food, its probably my favourite!) We drove on to Lyme Regis, which is a sweet village on the coast, famous for its fossils. I love foraging on beaches and Im really into my history and geology so I loved Lyme Regis! We walked along the beach front and went to what is apparantly the best beach for fossil finding. I think I found one, but you can decide when you look at the photo! It was too big of a rock to bring home, but being the weirdo I am I did bring home some little rocks instead.  #geologynerd.
New Zealand doesn’t really have many stony beaches, well not that I know of or have been to! So I find it very interesting and exciting for everything to be so different, it makes the trip a lot more memorable.
I also loved the pastel changing sheds on the water front in Lyme Regis! They are something we don’t really have in New Zealand, you have to rough it. But I thought these were so cute! I wish I owned one,so perfect!
To me Lyme Regis was like an authentic, old english sea town that you read about in novels or see in magazines. I think seeing West Bay/Broadchurch and exploring Lyme Regis was probably the best part of my whole trip!

On Monday we had a little bit of a lazy morning, we went in to Dorchester and wandered round the shops. I went to Holland&Barrett and bought chocolate almonds (or as I call them, Scorched Almonds) and yogurt raisins. We also went to Poundland which we kind of became obsessed with because who doesn’t love a bargain! I mean all I bought was food, but who cares!
In the afternoon we went to Hives Beach near a town called Burton Bradstock, which was lovely. The sun was out and it was a crisp winter afternoon. Sunny, blue-skied winter days are the best, they are so refreshing and dare I say it, cheerful!
We had afternoon tea at the Hive cafe, and of course I had another luxury hot choc, and a piece of cappucino cake that was probably the size of my head! It almost defeated me but I stuck through it and finished it all! Which I still haven’t decided whether I’m ashamed of or not…
All in all it was another lovely, relaxing day.

On Tuesday it was time to take the long drive back to London, but we stopped off in the Medieval Town of Salisbury. We walked along to the huge Salisbury Cathedral which can be seen from almost any part of the town! It has Britain’s tallest spire and is home to one of the Magna Carta’s which is perfect for a History Major like me! The inside was filled with beautiful stained glass windows and was way bigger than I ever expected! Overall it was absolutely stunning and I will never forget it. I even wrote my name in the visitors book, just so everyone knows I’ve been there!
Afterwards we wandered into town and had lunch at a cafe called Boston Tea Party. I had the ‘Ultimate Burger’ and a ‘Banoffee Milkshake’ ohmygosh! Best lunch ever! It was incredible, If your ever in Salisbury definitely make sure you go there, it was amazing, and I was still full from lunch at dinner time! It’s definitely worth a stop. They also had beautiful flowers on all the tables, which I loved (just saying)

The weekend was great and very relaxing! I loved it all and it was a great wee detour from the city. It was really good to actually see a part of England that wasn’t London, it was authentic and beautiful, like straight out of one of my Mum’s Country Living Magazines! It was a perfect refresh and just what I needed, I definitely recommend going for a weekend away if you get the chance.
Thank you Dorset, you were spectacular!!


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  1. Impressive Blog!
    Such quality photos,
    The ultimate burger sounds like my sort of lunch!


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