February Favourites 

Another month done and dusted! I can’t believe it’s almost March, I must be getting old because time is flying by! But thats not such a bad thing especially because it means its time for another monthly favourites post! Yay!

At the start of February I tried to go excess-sugar free, so I wasn’t eating chocolate or lollies and I was substituting sugar in my baking for Xylitol. It lasted a week…I snapped and have been eating sugar since!
I also went to Dorset, as you will know if you read my post ‘Dorset Diary’ and I have been out around London and focusing on writing! In general a pretty good month.

Anyway, lets get on with it! Here are my February Favourites!

Gossip Girl
I never watched Gossip Girl when it first aired, I think probably because I was a bit to young, (I was 11 when it came out!) So I started watching it in 2014, and have been watching it on and off ever since. But especially this month I have become slightly addicted to it, and I’m so sad because i’ve just started the last season 😦 But it is great and has definitely been a favourite for this month! Go watch it if you havent seen it before!!

Extreme Rip Mom Jeans Bleached Blue from Missguided
I have never worn boyfriend style jeans before, nor have I worn distressed jeans. I really loved the look of them and some people pull them off incredibly well and I was a bit scared to buy a pair incase I looked like a fool in them! Despite a few people who think I am wasting my money…I bought a pair off Missguided, which I saw Lydia Connell wearing in her and Lucy’s vlog at Disneyland! She wore them so well, and I knew I had to have them! After some serious consideration and non-stop thinking about these jeans, before I knew it they were at my doorstep.
I LOVE THEM!! They fit so well, and are super comfy, some people may think they are a bit on the wildside, but if your going to do distressed jeans, do them properly! I really recommend checking out Missguided they have some great clothes and I think I will get a lot of wear out my new purchase! They were £30, I personally like the bottom of the legs to be tight so I fold them up once and they are perfect!

My new ‘piggy bank’ 
I haven’t had a piggy bank since I was about nine! But I do need to save money and I saw the cutest piggy bank ever! (Its not a ‘piggy’ bank per say, more of just a ceramic money box, but I dont know what else to call it!) I got it from Bocketts Farm Gift Shop of all places and it cost me £4. When I saw it I knew I had to have it, even just as an ornament it looks lovely. The only problem is the hole at the bottom where you get your money out could be a wee bit bigger but who am I to complain! IMG_2101

My Kitchen Rules NZ
Haha, so I have been watching this every night! I didn’t even know that my home country did My Kitchen Rules, and I am even more surprised to find it on television in the UK! But shamefully I am completely addicted! I don’t know whether it’s because it links me back to home,or what it is but if you like cooking shows and want something new to watch then check this out and admire the kiwi cooking! 

Garnier 3in1 Pure Active Face wash/Scrub/Mask
I wrote about this product in my Beauty Haul Post and as you know, I love it! It is the best face wash/scrub I have ever used! I have quite annoying skin, some days it’s oily, other days it is dry and other days like today it loves to wake me up with a breakout. But this Garnier face wash is helping so much, it is improving my skin so much, with even day-today changes! Plus it is also making my skin so soft. Finally I can actually go for days without wearing makeup and not being self-conscious! Its the best feeling ever. I highly recommend this product if you have temperamental skin; you can thank me later!IMG_2491

Graze Box
So I discovered Graze box after I ordered some stuff off ASOS and two little cards with redeemer codes fell out of my parcel. I looked them up online and ordered my first box which arrived two weeks ago!
Basically it is a box with four healthy snacks, and you tailor your box to your taste and every two weeks you get another one! I get my second box on tuesday and I am actually really excited! My first box was delicious! I got chocolate brownie, Bagel sticks, pop corn and ‘garden of england’ which is dried apple, strawberries and blackcurrants.
I highly recommend giving it ago, totally worth it, plus super yummy and healthy!
If you want to get a graze box heres a code so you can give it a go!! You can thank me later 😉


Baking Rainbow Cakes
Now I think this one is pretty self explanatory…I mean for one who doesn’t love baking, and two who doesn’t love baking rainbow cakes! When I say rainbow cakes I mean the ones that you pour your cake batter in four seperate tins and add different colours to them, then cook in the oven. Once cooled put your masterpiece together by icing in between each layer of cake or putting cream or even jam! Then when you cut in to it, you have a rainbow cake! Hooray!!
Personally my favourite wouldve been the Pink ombre cake I made with white icing. I did one layer white, another a lite pink, then a medium pink and then a dark pink. It turned out way better than I expected! The two middle layers were very close in colour but it still looked and tasted wonderful! 

And those are my favourites for this month!
Can’t wait for March, its finally spring! Hope you’ve had a lovely cosy weekend and thanks so much for reading it means a lot! Let me know the stuff you’ve been loving this February!
Hannah x


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