My February Adventures

So February went quick! Blink and you probably missed it! I thought that today I would write a blog post all about my February adventures, because there were a lot of them! If you read my blog then you will know that I went to Dorset in the middle of the month, but the rest of my experiences have been purely London based, so read on to see what i’ve been doing!

Southbank Wanderings
At the start of the month I took my first train journey by myself up into the middle of London, to the Southbank! I had been here before, but I hadn’t had a proper look around! I wandered along the riverside, under the London Eye (which I still havent been on!) and up on to Westminster Bridge. It was a sunny winters day so that meant I had the perfect opportunity to take some photos. I decided to go across to the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. I’m so glad I did, it was spectacular! The architecture of those buildings are incredible. I think I ended up walking like 13km that day! So I had pretty sore legs afterwards! 

Museum of London
I went to the Museum of London on a Thursday and it was really quiet except for one big group of school children! This museum was all about the history of London itself, it covered  the Romans, Medieval times, the Great Fire, the 1960s and even modern times!
I think my favourite thing I saw was probably all these quotes they had around the walls in one of the displays, they were all about London and peoples opinions, experiences and interpretations of the city. It was so fascinating! And of course being obssessed with cycling, seeing the ‘Yellow Jersey’ Bradley Wiggins wore in the opening ceremony of the 2012 olympic games was pretty awesome! 

Tower Bridge
On the same day I went to the museum of London I also walked along the River Thames to Tower Bridge. It was a pretty spectacular sight! I also walked up on to it as well. I know it’s just a Bridge and I could see hundreds of them in New Zealand, but this one is so famous and is a landmark! I’m so glad I got to see it!


Piccadilly Circus
I went to Piccadilly Circus because I really wanted to go to M&M world! So I caught the tube up to Piccadilly and then wandered around. I was blown away to be honest, it was amazing! The curve of Regent Street and the hustle and bustle of China Town and being beneath those huge screens was a pretty amazing experience! 
I wandered around for a while and took a few photos of Regent Street and the Statue of Eros and then I went to M&M world, which yes is as incredible as it sounds! I bought a lot of chocolate but no actual souvenirs as they were a bit over price! But it really was a chocolate lovers heaven! Especially the pick ‘n’ mix section, I could’ve just poured it into my hands and eaten it there and then!
I ended up walking though China Town and then back past the Apollo and Lyric theatres (which I didn’t even realise were in Piccadilly!) I really would like to go see ‘Live at the Apollo’ so at least now I know where to go!
It was a picturesque place and I loved the experience of being there, looking up at the screens, peering down the amazing Regent Street with red double-decker buses is as pure-London as it gets!


British Museum

Wow this was probably my favourite museum so far! I loved it! It is full of things from the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greek and incredible statues and art from China and glassworks and amazing hand painted plates and vases from places like Iran and Syria! I loved all of it and probably only saw half of the exhibitions! 

I think my favourite was the Ancient Greek and Roman exhibitions because I have studied them in school and Uni. I was just surreal seeing the real things! It is so much better than looking at pictures in a book or on a computer! If you like this sort of thing I seriously recommend checking this museum out! Even the outside of the building blew me away! I absolutely loved my experience here!



Overall February was seriously full of adventures and I loved them all! I am so happy and proud of myself that I am able to see all the things I have only ever dreamed about or read about in books! Its a truly amazin experience and I will never forget any of it.
Hopefully March will be full of even more adventures and exciting times!
If you have any suggestions of places to go in London, I would love to hear them!

Thanks as always for reading 🙂
Hannah x



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