Yorkshire Diary

Its been ages since i’ve written a blog post! But this last week I have been up in Yorkshire, more specifically a little village called East Morton staying with my Aunty and Uncle. It was lovely being out of the hustle and bustle of London and into the countryside for a while. I’m definitely more of a country girl than city!


On friday we had really good weather so we drove up to Harewood House, which is a huge house and gardens built by the famous landscaper Capability Brown, (who before this trip I’d never heard of!) we only got tickets for the garden and ‘under the stairs’ which is another name for the servants quarters. Wow is all I can say! Even from the outside the house was spectacular, and the servants quarters were fascinating! A lady spent about 20 minutes telling us all about them, and how they would’ve been full of bustling servants keeping out of view of the house owners and guests.
There were many gardens located around the grounds, first there was the Terrace Garden, which was straight out of the house and looked over the property towards the Lake, it had odd shaped topiary and a huge statue of Orpheus.
There was also a Bird Garden, which was pretty incredible, there was so many different types of birds and all which I had never seen before! I even got to see Flamingos! I love flamingos! It was like a little zoo on the edge of someones house! Then there was the Himalayan garden, which was created when Capability Brown dammed a river to create the lake. The area by the dam sunk and was made into a little terraced garden with bridges and a waterfall. Because you are so low down in the garden you can’t see the house or any sign of civilization so it is very relaxing and would’ve been a nice place for a picnic!


Unfortunately I woke up Saturday morning with a really bad cold which stuck with me until Wednesday so we took it easy. But on sunday we drove north to a place called Malham Cove which is incredible! Its like a huge rock ampitheatre, I didn’t expect to find such an impressive piece of landscape in the Yorkshire dales. Apparently Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was filmed there which for me makes it even more exciting that i’ve been there!
We were very lucky and when we got to the base of the cove there were a few men with telescopes focused on a Peregrine Falcon perched high up the cliff. It was a spectacular sight seeing as they are the fastest animal in the world! But it didn’t last long as out of nowhere we were hit by a hailstorm, we got absolutely drenched which didn’t help my cold! We trudged back down the track and found a cafe to have a hot drink in and waited for the rain pass.


 On monday it was a cloudy day so we decided to go for a drive to the town of Harrogate, where the famous tea shop Bettys is. We wandered around the shops and for once in my life I didn’t buy anything! I could’ve bought a lot though it was very tempting. We then found a cafe which looked nice, but really wasn’t anything to write home about! Harrogate was really nice as for some reason that I can’t explain it felt like Dunedin. Perhaps it was the small town centre and hills but it did feel just a little bit like home. We stopped off at Betty’s before leaving and grabbed some cakes for desert, it was incredible in there! I felt like a kid trying to choose a cake! It was like it was straight out of a book, it seemed very popular though as the line to get a seat in the cafe was out the door and down the street!


On Tuesday my Uncle and I got up early and took a train from Leeds to Liverpool for the day. It was pretty cool getting to see another city. We walked down to the docks which is where a lot of the Museums are and spent our day there. First we went to the Beatles Story, which was pretty awesome, learning about the worlds biggest band and even seeing some of their actual instruments and places they hung out and performed. It was definitely an experience!
After we had a drink in the Tate Gallery cafe, we went and looked around the Tate Art Gallery, which I think was probably the highlight of my trip! I loved it, there was an exhibition on called Constellations and it was combined exhibition of many artists. Quite a few of the pieces really stood out for me and I had a wonderful time, wandering around.
After this we went to the Martime Museum, I love this sort of thing and it was really interesting! My Nana’s family used to own a shipping company and I was excited to get to see a poster in the Museum that was used for advertising the family cruise line. It was quite amazing to see something that your connected to in a Museum on the otherside of the world, made me smile and to be honest, miss home just a wee bit more!

Overall I had an awesome week in Yorkshire and obviously I did more than just these things, such as going to a little town called Saltaire for a look around the shops, we went to watch a canal boat go through a five rise lock, watched all eight Harry Potter films over the course of my stay (definitely a highlight) and went out for tea at the local pub where I had the most delicious hot fudge cake and ice cream!
It was such a relaxing week and made me feel closer to home, being out of the bustling city and in the quiet countryside.
I hope that one day I’ll get to go back and see even more of the North of this beautiful country. Thanks for having me Yorkshire!




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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Love Grandpa

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  2. You did see a lot in a relatively short time. Great reading. 😄 Hope the cold has improved. Can you catch it over the net? Your mother has one too. 😷 Love Nana xx

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  3. What gorgeous pictures! Hope you’re feeling much better!

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  4. My hometown is very close to Harrogate. Its great to read you enjoyed it up here 🙂


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