Mini Trip: Queenstown

One week before lectures finish for the year and the stress of exams (or in my case exam!) begin, Ash and I decided to take a trip inland to Queenstown, aka. the Adventure capital of the world! It also happened to be our Five Year Anniversary so it was pretty lovely to get away just us two.

Day One:
We left on a Friday and drove up on the Pigroot. Which is a road that goes inland at Palmerston, passing through little towns like Wedderburn, Becks and Omakau before you turn off and go to Clyde. We filmed quite a bit of our trip up on Ash’s go-pro, so I’m sure there will be a video at some point! We drove on past the Clyde dam, to Cromwell where we stopped at Highlands. If you don’t know, Highlands is a new race track that you can go in test drives, a taxi lap or even go karting! We just wandered round and had a look at the go kart track, then carried on to Queenstown.
Queenstown is only 3hours from where we live which is pretty lucky considering its worldwide reputation for being the Adventure Capital of the World! Having that on your doorstep is pretty insane!


On the Friday after we checked in to the motel we were staying at we went to the Queenstown Gondala. This was my second time going up but last time we went it was really misty and I missed out on the beautiful views, so I needed to go back and get myself some stock standard Queenstown photos.  No matter what you say about hating tourists and crowds, -and trust me they really annoy me!- the landscape in Queenstown, let alone Central Otago and even all of New Zealand is absolutely OUTSTANDING! Us Kiwi’s are incredibly lucky to come from such an amazing place, we really need to make sure we look after it forever!
Anyway… we went up the gondala and had a look around and took some photos. img_5888img_5995

I reckon I could turn those photos into postcards and sell them haha!
We then went on the Luge, which I had never ever done before. I was a bit nervous as I really didn’t know what to expect but after 5seconds on the ‘learners’ track I was loving it! Luckily we got to have 7 rides, and I reckon we killed a good hour or so up there! lusq43e437s190071-lusq57f8613fd5d029-07401494lusq0965f7s290071-lusq57f860802f9275-74440987

Day Two:

On the Saturday we woke up bright and early (sort of…not really it was like 8) so we could drive the short drive to Frankton, to go, Go-Karting! Another thing I had never done before, and I was way more nervous for this than I was for the luge. We were the first drive of the day and luckily the two other people who were supposed to be with us showed up late so Ash and I got to race just us two! Ash obviously lapped me…but I got fastest time so I will continue to remind him of that! We then went back to the motel and dropped the car off and walked into town which only took about 10 mins. We found this incredible restaurant called London, which did probably the best pizza either of us had ever tasted! I highly recommend you go there, its next to Ferg Burger which is the most famous burger place in Queenstown so it is hard to miss, but the door way is covered in the most brilliant band posters and it leads downstairs to what essentially is a Pizza Bar. I loved it!
The rest of the day we just spent hanging around the shops and water front until we eventually walked home and just had a chilled evening.


Day Three:  Today was our final day in Queenstown so we woke up early (8ish, so really not that early) had breakfast and packed up to leave the motel at 10am.
The rest of the morning we spent driving towards Glenorchy and taking photos of the incredible scenery. We got some morning tea and sat on the lake front, where we watched all the jet boat companies getting ready for the day. We then had a quick final look around the shops and then after lunch drove back towards Cromwell, we stopped at the Goldfields Winery/Jet Boating place and had a look around. Then onto Cromwell where we couldn’t help ourselves and stopped at Highlands again to go Go-Karting! This time the Go-Karting was outdoors and the track was a lot bigger than the indoor one. It was so awesome, I didn’t get fastest time, but I was only 5 seconds off the record lap, so pretty good for my first time on that track! I am definitely hooked on Go-Karting now though…
Then it was time to go back home to the reality of work and university 😦 But I doubt that it will be long before we are back in Central Otago, besides I need to do a faster lap at the Go-Karts!



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