A 2016 Review and 2017 Goals!

2016, many are saying was a terrible year. A year full of celebrity deaths, unfortunate elections and the never ending problems with war and peace.
I myself had many ups and downs in 2016 including being homesick while I was in London, and dislocating my shoulder for the second time.

I never really write new years resolutions, and not because I think i’m perfect or theres nothing to change in my life. But I like to set goals, I like to have something to work towards and reach. Doing something different instead of changing my life completely.

I thought I was going to graduate University in 2017 but it turns out I won’t until 2018, which is kind of annoying but also means I will be less stressed, because I wont have as many papers to complete.
One of my 2017 goals is to do well at university. Preferably even better than I did in 2016. My goal is to stay organised and focused on all my papers, and to try and build a real interest around all my subjects. I hate feeling bored in a paper, as it always means I won’t do the work and therefore not do as well as I could have.

Another goal for 2017 is to read and write more. I always say this at the start of the year and since I joined Goodreads I can keep track of how many books I read. I really want to read ‘The Night Manager’ by John Le Carre, ‘Room’ by Emma Donoghue and few of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Zadie Smith’s books.

Writing is a passion of mine so I always enjoy it, but I do find it increasingly hard to enjoy during the year, when every spare second is full of writing university notes or reading my History notes. I would like to be able to dedicate some time to write each day, whether it be for a blog post or fiction writing or perhaps even I could just write a diary entry.

I also need to save money and be positive and the usual goals that the majority of people set for themselves. I think 2017 will be a good year, and I hope the people of the world can start to band together to make each other and our environment happier, safer, and peaceful.

Happy New Year and I hope you all have a spectacular 2017!


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