Study Tips from a fellow Student

Hello! Like many others I will be going back to University in a few weeks and I have already decided that this year I am going to get the best grades possible!. So I wrote a list of study tips for myself in my Bullet Journal. But instead of keeping them locked away for only my eyes to see and benefit from, I have to decided to write them on my blog as well, so that way any uni students, or school students who also want to do well this year can follow my -hopefully- helpful Study Tip List! Also let me in the comments if you have any more tips or tricks that you swear by to help you through the year.

Tip 1: Have an agenda/planner
Record any homework/assignments, due dates, test dates or even appointments,  practices/games etc.Being organised and on top of everything is KEY!

Tip 2: Keep supplies organised in a pencil case
It is always good to be prepared and I always carry a pencil case with pens, pencils,ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener, glue, and coloured pens and pencils. You never know what you might need!

Start assignments early, take study breaks, reward yourself. If something is stressing you out, take a break, relax and come back later.

Tip 4: Ask Questions
I am a quite shy person and sometimes don’t like putting my hand up and asking questions, but it is an absolutely vital thing to do. Especially if you are stuck withsomething or don’t quite understand the work. Teachers/ Lecturers are there to teach and help you. Even email or ask them in their office hours if you don’t want to ask in front of the whole class. But do ask!!!

Tip 5: SLEEP
Get the required 8 hours sleep you need. It makes it easier to concentrate and remember more when you are studying. I am terrible at going to bed early but you will love yourself in the morning fro going to be at 10pm instead of 12pm!

Tip 6: Take Notes 
Take notes in class, don’t necessarily copy the board or lecture slides word for word    (unless your teacher tells you too!) But listen to what they are saying, write down what they say is important. Or if you notice them mention something over three times, I would personally write it down!

Tip 7: Stay up to date with notes and study
Write up your notes that you took in class or read over them again every day/night. I found that if I could stay on top of writing up my notes then I was less stressed and obviously understood the work better. Don’t procrastinate! Although I am the Queen of procrastination, but speaking from experience, getting behind in work is not a nice feeling.

Tip 8: Read!
Do the required readings set by your professor/teacher. They are important! And if you have time do some extra reading, it doesn’t hurt plus you’ll learn a lot more.

Tip 9: Study Healthily
Don’t cram the night before a test or exam. Study in the weeks leading up to it.You’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable. Plus you just won’t do well if you only study the night before, that’s a fact.

And there you go! Hopefully these will get me through the first semester of University with good grades, and I hope these help some of you. Let me know if you have any more I desperately need to add to my list to have a successful year!


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