Long time no WordPress

Hello! I’m back! I have a new and improved blog all set for the second half of 2017!
As I wrote back in February, I was trying out a new blog forum and seeing if it would work well for me. Alas even after a few weeks of being pleased with it, I discovered I was still in a rut…

Having a block and a stink feeling about my writing and blogging is not what I wanted so I decided to just leave it and just forget about it for awhile to see if a hiatus would spark any inspiration. And it has in many aspects of my creating!

As well as having a few story ideas brewing in my head (but that’s another story!) I have also got a brand new spark of motivation for this blog, and I feel like there isn’t any better place to write it except for here on WordPress, the place where I began all my blogging nonsense!

I’ve been watching, reading, following and consuming as much of other creators content as possible. I have been gathering heaps of inspiration from Zoella, Ben Brown, Nicole Eddy, Alice Oseman, Casey Neistat, Sunbeams Jess and many more. I realised that after watching their videos, and reading their blogs and articles that what I want to do more than anything else in life is to write, take photos and make videos.
These past few weeks I realised that nothing is holding me back but myself, and my thoughts of “I can’t do it”…But I can do it and you know what I’ve decided to just go for it!

So be prepared to be seeing and hearing a lot more from me as I am striving to make as much content as humanly possible!

Thanks so much for reading and sticking around if your some of the original readers, I really really appreciate it! You’ll be hearing from me soon!



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  1. Oooooh I know Casey Neistat! His work is just amazing 🙂

    Are you still stuck in a rut??

    Your pal,

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