Autumn’s final breath




The end of May is the end of Autumn here in New Zealand and winter is starting to creep its way in. On Saturday we were even greeted with snow flurrys and a chilling temperature of 2 degrees.
Although I much prefer the warmer months; living in the deep south means cold days are something I’m used to.  But it’s always nice to pull out the cosy blankets, have some soup and scones for lunch and sit by the fire and read a good book.

The next three or four months will be cold and dark so this was my last opportunity to capture the colours of autumn.
As the leaves turn a golden brown and the sun is more or less hidden away, I sense a sort of beauty in the end of the season. I braved the cold and borrowed a camera and set out to photograph the last sparks of autumn I could find. I could’ve added in twenty more photos, but I’ve chosen the ones that yelled ‘AUTUMN’ at me.

I hope you enjoy reading this post while your all wrapped up cosy and warm. Or perhaps some of you will even be lucky enough to be transitioning in to summer and you’ll be reading this drinking lemonade and soaking up the first rays of the summer sun!
Thanks for reading as always!


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