The other the day I was scrolling through my Facebook, like everyone does when your trying to pass the time and I came across an article that I had seen before. It was about the lastest ‘skinny enough’ craze where girls are seeing if their legs are skinnier than an Iphone 6.

These sort of things piss me off big time! Some people may say that being a size 8/10 myself, I have no right to talk about body issues, but my legs would never in a million years fit behind an Iphone 6, and why would I want them to?
The main problem I had with this article was that it kept repeating ‘skinny enough’. ‘Are you skinny ENOUGH to fit behind a phone’.

Skinny ENOUGH?
Skinny enough for what.

Who has the right to determine whether someone is skinny enough, why does society have these boxes you have to fit in to be acceptable?

There are so many debates about weight, and plus sizes and underweight models. The thing is we need to stop and realise that there isn’t a desired weight or a certain way we need to look? Everybody’s body is different. It’s different in how much fat we have, how we react to certain foods, our heights are different our hair colour is different. Because I have more freckles than the person next to me, does that mean I should be shamed on social media or on the street? No. So why do people think it’s acceptable to treat people differently because of how much fat they have on their body?

Is the perfect weight of a female set by objects that we can fit body parts behind?

Society, Media and Peer Pressure bring along ridiculous expectations. The pressure women have on them to be ‘Skinny’ is immense, and something drastic needs to change.
We need to promote healthy living, but we don’t need to be sharing articles about leg width or waist size and how Kendall Jenner can fit her legs behind an Iphone but Amy Schumer can’t. I mean WHO GIVES TWO F**KS!!

I think although I am mainly just ranting, the point I am trying to address, is that as women we need to stick together, we need to ignore these stupid body tests. We are only fuelling the fire by sharing these, and comparing ourselves to one another, life isn’t about being a certain dress size, or looking like a celebrity. Life is about being yourself and being happy and unique. The more we worry about these sorts of issues the more we will be unhappy with our bodies, its time we embrace every shape and size and stop trying to being the width of an Iphone.

P.S. I mean seriously we have poverty, climate change and war and girls are trying to get their legs to be the size of an Iphone…lets get a grip before society completely falls apart!


4 thoughts on “Enough.

  1. Lovely post. How very true! Societal standards of how we perceive our body image has changed drastically. Luckily there has been a lot of positive work being done in the fashion industry about adressing these issues. Hopefully we can eradicate silly crazes like this!

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    1. I totally agree! Hopefully one day soon we can all see that there is no perfect size and that everyone is beautiful no matter what!


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