Life Update

I am absolutely useless at posting on my blog! I say i’m going to post as much as possible and then I just don’t. Great work me!
Seeing as I haven’t written in so long I thought I would give you a wee life update and perhaps this will explain why you haven’t heard from me!

At the moment I am curled up on the couch in my parents study writing this under a blanket. I have been sick for the last three-four days with a throbbing head, sore throat, high temperature and just all round feeling sorry for myself.
Other than being ill I have been at work! Yes! I have a new job! Which is pretty great. The people I work with are hilarious and super lovely so that makes everything so easy.
I think I started about a month ago and holy moly I was terrified on my first day, I was pretty much having a panic attack and didn’t want to get out of my boyfriends car and told him to ring and say I wasn’t coming. If any deals with anxiety or just bad cases of nerves then you’ll understand how I felt. But I survived and it got easier and easier.

So thats pretty great news! Other than working, my boyfriend Ash, and I have been trying to fill our weekends with as much fun as possible. One we went out for breakfast with his Mum and then went bowling. And last weekend we went up to Christchurch where we went shopping, hung out with friends at the markets, ate hot donuts and then road tripped home to Dunedin with loud music and pizza!
During this week it was Ash’s birthday which I was unfortunately sick for 😦 But we are thinking we might go bowling with some friends or laser tag or something fun because why not!

Oh and today was a snow day here so that was super cool! Even though my house is too low to get much snow, it was all over the hills and closed the motorway!

Anyway I will try not to leave it as long as I did this time but I do hope you enjoyed knowing what I’ve been up to and let me know what you’ve been doing!




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  1. Aye you gotta do what you gotta do eh? Good to know you’re doing good at your new work place XD

    It’s never easy adapt to a new environment so be proud that you did and happy to hear that you’ve managed to be thrown into an environment filled with awesome people- Double the positivity in your life! Woohoo! With that, things are only going to excel for you. Be sure to perform 😉

    And since you asked- My side at PBIY, I’ve recently decided to stop writing articles and instead, focus on producing videos which entertains and at the same time, teaches life lessons.

    If you’ve got 3 minutes to spare? Feel free to check out my first and latest video for this new project’s direction. I gotta warn you first though, it’s gonna be weird but epic XD:

    Should you check that out? Do let me know what you think hahahah!

    Your pal,

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