Long time no WordPress

Hello! I’m back! I have a new and improved blog all set for the second half of 2017!
As I wrote back in February, I was trying out a new blog forum and seeing if it would work well for me. Alas even after a few weeks of being pleased with it, I discovered I was still in a rut…

Having a block and a stink feeling about my writing and blogging is not what I wanted so I decided to just leave it and just forget about it for awhile to see if a hiatus would spark any inspiration. And it has in many aspects of my creating!

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My February Adventures

So February went quick! Blink and you probably missed it! I thought that today I would write a blog post all about my February adventures, because there were a lot of them! If you read my blog then you will know that I went to Dorset in the middle of the month, but the rest of my experiences have been purely London based, so read on to see what i’ve been doing!

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